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The Bee's Knees

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Aila Baila

                                Dancer, choreographer and director of the internationally renowned flapper troupe,

The Bee’s Knees, the troupe have performed all over the world including a number of appearances at the Venice carnival, as well as featuring on TV shows: ‘Paul O’Grady’(C4), ‘Endeavour’ (ITV) and the pilot episode of ‘Nina Conti’s VaVaVariety show’(BBC).


A Lindy hop champion with her dance partner Richard Pucci (ESDC 2013), she continues to dance and teach Lindyhop in London, where she first developed a passion for swing dancing over 10 years ago. She has featured in music videos for George Michael and KT Tunstall.


As a magician’s assistant for Scott Penrose (President of the Magic circle) Aila appeared on ‘Help my Supply Teacher is Magic’ (BBC) and ‘The Magicians’ (BBC) where she developed a keen interest and knowledge of the art of quick change and as a result worked as a consultant for TV drama ‘London Spy’(BBC).


Aila’s passion for performance has lead her to study theatre and clown with many influential teachers: Phillipe Gaulier, Avner the Eccentric, Spymonkey and Jonathan Kay, also picking up eccentric dance from the legendary Joan and Barry Grantham.



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