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The Bee's Knees now have their very own hive of Bee's: in the form of a waggle dancing chorus line: 'More Knees Please'!

More Knees Please!

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Looking for thrills, frills n high leg kicks? The Bee's Knees are also members of ‘The French Kicks’ cancan troupe, who stimulate excitement and Gay abandon where ever they perform; giving a nod, wink and an Ooo lala to whatever tickles your fancy!  

The French Kicks

Ingredients:The Bee’s Knees (Aila Baila and Baroness JoJo),

Amber Topaz (Shelley Andrew), Fancy Chance (Burly Q Review)


Method: Take two renowned Burlesque performers, add two established dancers, mix in high-jinks and high-kicks, a lavish helping of frills n’ thrills, place into the cultural melting pot of London’s cabaret scene and bring to the boil.  Place in sumptuous Cancan frocks, garnish with authenticity, technique and flair......Serve hot.


The French Kicks are possibly the finest Can Can troupe this side of the Moulin Rouge.


See French Kicks myspace for video and more info.

They have gathered 12 of the nimblest knee'd girls in town and choreographed a suitably dazzling routine (making good use of all 24 legs) to a killer track 'Shake That Thing'!

'More Knees please' really are a sight to behold.

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